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> Are you having occlusion problems w/ Inset infusion set?
post Apr 26 2011, 06:34 PM
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IPF Rookie

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Joined: 6-May 09
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My Pump: Deltec Cozmo

Put this in the Animas forum because that's who primarily distributes them, and who I got mine through. These are Unomedical Inset 23in 6mm infusion sets. Lot#:3342434

I just received 3 months supply from Animas and 8 out of 9 Inset infusion sets have had occlusions in the tubing after 20 mins to 3 hrs of use. This morning I put in a new one (also did so at 22:45PM and also at 02:25AM!!) and ran the tubing straight down to the site, nothing in the way. Yet 2 hrs later it is blocked. I have been using my old Cozmo pump (I hate the Animas pump with a passion!) but started the Animas pump at 07:00AM and it too blocked at 09:12AM. (IMG:style_emoticons/default/knocked out.gif)

I have called Animas two days in a row, multiple times per day and never get through to their technical support group. Instead they have an answering service take a message and they call back 30-90 mins later, while I am on the phone for work. So no idea if they have so many complaints coming in they can't staff to it, or if this is just their normal very poor customer service.

I quit buying from Animas due to very poor customer service, but Roche is in the middle of changing their injected infusion sets and didn't have any when I needed them, so I gave Animas one last try and now am regretting it. My insurance carrier only covers Roche, MiniMed (proprietary sets) and Animas, so not a lot of choice in the matter at present.

Would love to know if anyone else is having this problem, or if I have bad luck and got a bad batch. Hope that you're all doing well and it's just bad luck on my part!
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post Apr 26 2011, 06:41 PM
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IPF Addict

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Joined: 4-June 08
From: NYC
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My Pump: Minimed Revel

I have used Minimed's Mio set (same as the Inset, only with their proprietary Paradigm connection on the tubing) and have not had any problems. Are you sure it's the tubing and not the cannula? When you remove the cannula from under your skin, does it look okay? Try disconnecting the tubing from your site and then do a fixed prime (have no idea what it's called on Animas or Cozmo pumps - the amount you use to fill the cannula when you insert a new set) of several units and see if you get the occlusion alarm. If so, then it definitely sounds like there's a problem with the tubing. If insulin drips out the end of the tubing as it should, it might be bad sets (cannula) or bad sites.

Type 1 4/27/87
Minimed Revel 723 + CGMS
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post Apr 27 2011, 05:53 PM
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IPF Rookie

Group: Members
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Joined: 16-March 11
From: Kentucky
Member No.: 3,533
My Pump: Animas Ping

My daughter has a Ping and (for now) uses the Inset 30. She's been pumping for about a month and we have never had a problem with her sets. She will be switching over to the 8mm Contact Detach, but only because the introducer needle on the Inset 30 is SOOO big, it hurts her alot and the only place we can use them is on her butt because she is so small and doesn't have enough fat anywhere else. The contact detach gives her more options for sites. I have also never had a problem getting in touch with anyone at Animas. So far, we love this company and the huge amount of support I have access to at all times. Hope things get better for you soon!!!
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post Apr 28 2011, 12:53 AM
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IPF Regular

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Joined: 4-May 09
From: Cape Coral, Florida
Member No.: 2,033
My Pump: Animas Ping

I also use the Inset 30s with my Ping - the angled sets, and have never had an occlusion. You may have a bad box of tubing?? Have you checked that the occlusion setting on the Ping is set to "low"? menu>setup>advanced> then hit "next" several times until you get to setup advanced screen 6, "occlusion sensitivity" should be set to "L" for low.

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post Apr 28 2011, 05:16 PM
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IPF Rookie

Group: Members
Posts: 38
Joined: 21-July 10
Member No.: 3,053
My Pump: Animus Ping

I use the straight in Insets. Either 6mm or 9 mm depending on where it's going. I have been pumping long enough to go through 6-7 boxes of them and have never had a occlusion. The only serious problem was nicking a capillary once which hurt like crazy and required a couple of minutes to stop the blood. There have been times when I thought I should have an occlusion, like under pants belts, laying on the tubing while sleeping, etc. So far, so good. The only set I've ever had to take out early was the capillary nicking one.

It is alway fascinating to read web reports on the same topic from multiple people. It can be a real head scratcher. For example, I have the Ping and I like it a lot. As for Animas, I had some of what I considered "dirty dealing" at the outset but no problems since. I have never been put on hold at the tech number with a promise to call back. I have called at all different hours. I can't explain why your experiences have been so different than mine. Maybe I'm just luckier?

It is certainly possible you got a bad batch, but I too wonder if there is not a cannula folding issue rather than a tubing issue. You didn't say, but I assume that the sets prime right up with no problems? If that's the case, there isn't much left that could be going wrong except something in the cannula. How old and what kind of insulin are you using?
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