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Rules & Disclaimer
Insulin Pump Forums ("the forums" or "IPForums") is a free, volunteer-maintained website created for the support and discussion of Insulin Pumps. It is a place to come for advice, feedback, kudos for our hard work as Diabetics, and so much more. In order to foster the friendly, empathetic and compassionate atmosphere that has been created by you, our members, we do require that specific online conduct is followed.

Important Rules of Online Conduct

By registering as a member of Insulin Pump Forums, you agree to abide by the Rules of Online Conduct as stated:

1. You will not post content that is destructive to the forum's atmosphere, including, but not limited to:

- SPAM: Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages. Forum Spam includes advertisements, posting to intentionally raise post count, abusive messages and posting a thread directed at a specific member (member to member threads are acceptable in the Water Cooler forum).

- FLAMING: A flame is any form of derogatory comment (insults, slurs, etc) directed towards another member, organization, website, etc. FLAMING IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

- TROLLING: Trolling is similar to flaming; the main difference is that it may not contain a direct insult. Trolling can simply be a comment that is intended to antagonize another group/person, most often resulting in a flaming war/argument. TROLLING IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

- ADVERTISING: Advertising is posting a link to a website with the intent of drawing members and visitors to an outside, unrelated website. In addition, advertising includes posting for the sole intent of solicitation of a product/service/etc. Members who join the forum for the specific intent of unapproved advertising are subject to immediate, permanent account banning. All posts of a commercial nature must be approved by the management of Insulin Pump Forums. If you are unsure of permissions, it is your responsibility to PM the staff at IPForums for clarification prior to posting any advertisement.

2. You will not register under Multiple User Accounts – MUA’s are the result of a single person registering on the forum under more than one user name. MUA's will result in the immediate removal of detected multiple accounts without prior notification or permission.

3. You will follow general posting rules:

- You will stay on topic in discussion threads. Do not disrupt the normal flow of dialogue or post comments that are unrelated to the topic being discussed (unless the discussion is in the Member's Corner forum).
- You will not post chain letters, pyramid schemes, distribute viruses or other harmful computer codes
- You will not impersonate any other person or persons, or allow another person to use your identification for posting or viewing forums and/or comments
- You will not "Spoof" IP addresses
- You will not engage in any other conduct that restricts or inhibits any other person from using or enjoying the the forums, or which exposes the forum or any of its members to any liability or detriment of any type.

4. Any disputes or questioning of the actions by a Moderator / Administrator will be handled privately, through either the Personal Message system or via Email. Public posts of this nature will be removed and may constitute a breach of post content in the Rules of Online Conduct.

**A Special Note About Giving Away Prescription Supplies**
It is illegal to give away / sell / exchange / etc prescription items and medical devices. Did you know that if you give away / sell any prescription item (including medical devices), you can be held criminally liable not only for the transaction, but if any injury occurs as a result of your actions you can also be held liable for damages. For your own protection, any distribution of prescription supplies and medical devices is strictly prohibited on Insulin Pump Forums.

Breaches in the Rules of Online Conduct will be decided by Insulin Pump Forums at it's own discretion. Insulin Pump Forums reserves the right to take any action it deems necessary, including the permanent suspension of user accounts without prior notification or permission, in the event of a member breach of the Rules of Online Conduct. Insulin Pump Forums has no liability or responsibility to users of the forum or any other person or entity for performance or nonperformance of the aforementioned activities.

Disciplinary Action*

Insulin Pump Forums subscribes to a “Three strikes, you’re out” policy. Unless specified, active members of the forum are subject to the following disciplinary actions for infractions of the forum Rules of Online Conduct:

1) Warning
First time offenders and infractions of a less severe variety (as determined by Insulin Pump Forums, and those not listed in the Prohibited Conduct section) will receive an official, logged warning not subject to a time limit.
2) Temporary Suspension
Members who have received an official, logged warning who do not choose to comply with rules of conduct are given a temporary ‘cooling down’ period. Temp suspensions are time-based on the severity of the situation, and the member is restricted from using their account for the specified period of time.
3) Permanent Account Ban
The offending member, after having received both a Warning and a Temp Suspension, is banned from the forum via all registered information (email, username, IP address, etc). Member re-registration is not allowed, and the member will be banned on sight if he/she tries to use different account information to register a new username.

*Prohibited Conduct - Any action of flaming (ie: derogatory insults to a fellow member) in any public or private area will result in the following disciplinary action:

First Infraction: A seven day temporary suspension from the Forum
Second Infraction: Permanent account ban

Disciplinary action of a more severe variety may result in an immediate permanent ban of a member account - Insulin Pump Forums reserves the right to decide and act upon disciplinary action as it deems necessary and in the interest of the forum's continued prosperity. This is not debatable.

Medical Disclaimer

Insulin Pump Forums is neither intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Always seek the advice of your physician or another qualified health care provider prior to starting any new treatment regarding your medical condition.

In the event of a medical emergency, immediately contact your health provider and/or dial 911

Legal Disclaimer

Insulinpumpforums.com ("Insulin Pump Forums") are copyright 2006 - 2009, all rights reserved. Insulin Pump Forums does not guarantee the accuracy of content and is not responsible or liable for information on any of the websites that are provided as links.

The information and reference materials contained on the Insulin Pump Forums website ("Site" or "the Site") are intended solely for the general information of the reader. It is not to be used for treatment purposes, but rather for discussion with the patient's own physician. All visitors to the Site agree to read and abide by the complete terms of this agreement.

The Site does not constitute an attempt to practice medicine. Individuals should consult a qualified health care provider for medical advice and answers to personal health questions. While Insulin Pump Forums attempts to be as accurate as possible, it should not be relied upon as being comprehensive or error-free. The Site reserves the right to change its disclaimer or privacy policy at any time, so users should review these periodically.

Insulin Pump Forums retains sole ownership of all user accounts and the technical containment of user communications.

By using Insulin Pump Forums, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions as set out here. If you do not wish to be bound by the terms and conditions, you may not use the Site.

Disclaimer of Liability

The user assumes all responsibility and risk for the use of Insulin Pump Forums. Under no circumstances shall the Site or anyone involved in creating or maintaining the Site be liable for any DIRECT, INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL, SPECIAL or CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES, or LOST PROFITS that result directly or indirectly from the use or inability to use the Site and/or any other web sites which are linked to Insulin Pump Forums - or that result directly or indirectly from mistakes, omissions, interruptions, deletion of files, viruses, errors, defects, or any failure of performance, communications failure, theft, destruction or unauthorized access.

Thank you.
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